Brittle Confidence blames Hair-loss

Brittle Confidence blames Hair-loss

You begin your search for a female hair loss product and are soon inundated with the seemingly endless number of products who state that they are the best and now you just do not know which way to turn.

My advice to you is back up, sit down and take a few deep breaths. This is really not that hard of a decision. What you are looking for is something that will help your hair get thicker and maybe even grow more hair.

The decision you need to make right now is, do you want to go the all natural route or do you want to put a lot of chemicals onto your hair or into your system that you are unsure of.

If it were me, which I have been in this position before, I would choose an all natural hair loss product and forget about harsh chemicals that may make my condition worse or cause an allergic reaction. Chemicals strip your hair of their natural oils and weaken the protein, called keratin, and cause more breakage and thinning of your hair only making a bad situation worse.

Your best bet to combat the thinning hair and/or hair loss are the all natural products that are gentle and do not contain harsh chemicals. The Allure Drops Growth Serum containing vitamins A and C, castor oil, avocado, rosemary and black seed oil is the best product to use. These ingredients are all effective in strengthening the hair follicles and hair strands and keeping the scalp healthy.

It is not a one use and magically you will see hair growth. Taking care of your hair requires consistency. For best results, the Allure Drops should be applied directly to the scalp, massage gently and left on over night or during the day several times a week in order to be most effective.

Shampoos that contain similar ingredients to that of the Allure Drops should also be combined with biotin to strengthen your hair strands and stimulate the hair follicles to continue growing hair. Do not use any shampoos that contain any form of alcohol or a chemical called sodium laurel sulfate.

Both of these will weaken your hair and lead to thinning and breakage. Sodium laurel sulfate is an industrial strength degreaser and is in most of the things you use on a daily basis from your shampoo to liquid dish soap to even your toothpaste. It is basically poison to the human body and can cause you to have headaches or seemingly unexplained muscle soreness.

Most people condition their hair after shampooing therefore you need to make the same decision about the conditioner you use that you made about the shampoo you use. The conditioner you choose should have all the vitamins and minerals your hair needs to be healthy and strong. Natural oils like olive oil and coconut oil are great for conditioning your hair. You can even make your own conditioner by combining mayonnaise and beer and applying it to your hair for a deep conditioning female hair loss product effect if your hair is particularly dry or damaged.

Hair-loss is a daunting topic and I as always tell my clients, take pictures of your before and after, the feeling of demotivation will come along the journey, but rest assured that once you do not give up, your hair will love you again. Feel free to read the reviews on the Allure Drops Growth Serum. The time is now to start your hair journey.


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I am definitely loving 🥰 my hair care bundle and let’s just talk about the smell 👃 it’s absolutely amazing 🤩 I am excited about the journey with your hair products 😀

Shedeka Reid

Your Allure Drops works miracles. For years I’ve had thinning edges but using the drops on my edges every day really stimulates growth. I’ve upgraded to using the drops all over my hair so I’ll definitely be sending before and after pics.


Please continue to write this definitely build my self- confidence. Currently experiencing hair loss and I consistently use the Growth drops and I have seen positive changes and new growth. Thank you, boss Lady.


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