Somethings are better off B.T.S

Somethings are better off B.T.S

I've contemplated a lot on this "ghost wig making" topic and I decided to not give it energy until I figure out how you can benefit from this while still doing your 9-5, while working from home and while scrolling on the internet. So ghost wig making? What exactly is that?

Hey girl or guy😚, thank you for reading this blog, now before you read further, repeat this to yourself, "I can make $2,000+ per day with Tiahna as my ghost wig maker"

Ghost wig making is a service that has been around for sometime now. You see, many clients have reached out to me to construct a wig on the sewing machine because it gives the wig a fancier look and duhhhh, who is still really wearing glue-ins? If you are...I am looking on you sideways👀. 

Anyways, ghost wig making is a service provided by a Master Wig Artist, who construct wigs on the sewing machine, at a wholesale price for persons who wants to sell machine stitched wigs. Simple put it, I make the wig for you, no labels, no tags, nothing with my brand attached, you sell the wig for whatever price you want. Get it?

Let's do a little math (this is not my specialty so cut your girl some slack ok?). Grab a pen and paper. My ghost wig making service is $65 bucks for closures and $75 bucks for frontals (any length), plus a tiny shipping fee of approximately $15 which is $80. Let's say I made (3) 24" closure wigs, those can be sold at a minimum of $350 per unit, which is $350-$80=$270. Therefore, if you sell 8 wigs per day at $350, you can definitely make over $2000.

Are you seeing the picture? You only spent $80 and made $270. As I said previously, I used the bare minimum cost that you would sell a 24" wig for so there is potential to make more. 

In the ghost wig making service, you provide your own new bundles and closure/frontal. All I do is stitch, you can do additions such as customization etc for an additional price. This is the next big thing, jump on it and start your road to success and entrepreneurship.

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Hi Tianna, loving you contents and wig making information. Love your honesty and energy in videos. I am new to this and possible looking into something new. I want to concentrate on me first. I look forward to chatting with you and becoming your client.

Sharon Chung

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